• LKP3_BTP1



LKP3 is specially designed for patient hoists or stand-up lifts. The LCD panel shows error codes and pictograms that provide intuitive feedbacks. Moreover, CBP3 records information automatically such as cumulative operating time and event time when over duty or overload of actuators occurred. These and more information can be received when CBP3 is connected to PC. This function provides a great assistance for the after-sales service.


Main applications: Medical, homecare


Technical Information
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Technical Information

- Input voltage: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60Hz (SMPS)
- Output voltage: 24V DC
- Overload protection current on lifting actuator: 5∼9A (on demand)
- Charger: 29V/1A SMPS
- Max. number of actuators: 2 channels
- Max. number of controls: 1 channel
- Emergency stop button
- LCD display shows status info or error code
- Data collection of predefined abnormal use in memory chip
- Connecting with PC to read data collection and change settings with service tool software
(for customer service purpose, not for end-user)
- Duty cycle: 10%, max. 2 min continuous operation in 20 min.
- IP Protection level: IP66 (internal SMPS charger) / IPX4 (external SMPS charger)
- Color: RAL 7035 (front cover), RAL 7016 (back cover)
- Power cord length: 3000 mm (internal SMPS charger) / 2800 mm (external SMPS charger)
- Certified: CE Marking, Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC


- External SMPS charger
- Phone jack(Ø6.35mm) with Ø13.6 or Ø16.7 mm molding available
- With / without battery level indicator on BTP1 battery pack
- With / without lead-acid batteries inside BTP1 battery pack

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