• LB2+OM



is a compact control box which is able to drive up to 4 actuators. It is designed to be compatible with wide range of Moteck actuators and handsets. External switching mode power supply (SMPS) is used to power LB2. There are several models of SMPS available to choose.


Main applications: Furniture, homecare


Technical Information
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Technical Information

- Input voltage: 29V DC
- Power supply: External power supply
- Output voltage: 29V DC
- Max. number of actuators: 4 channels
- Max. current: 3A per channel
- Max. number of controls: 1 channel
- Support joint-movement function
- With anti-pull clip
- Duty cycle: 10%, max. 2 min. continuous operation in 20 min.
- IP Protection level: IP42
- Color: Black
- DC power cord: 1000 mm, straight, DIN 41529 plug
- Ambient operation temperature: +5°C ~ +40°C
- Certified: CE Marking, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU


- Mounting plate: to fix on flat surface with screws
- Fixed on FD60 actuator with plastic adapter and screw

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