• LB1



is a small and light control box with 2 actuators driving capability. It is designed to be compatible to the mainstream products in Moteck and it provides a better choice of narrow space application. LB1 gets power from the external SMPS (switching mode power supply) and there are several models are compatible..


Main applications: Furniture, homecare


Technical Information
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Technical Information

- Input voltage: 29V DC
- Power supply: External SMPS (switching mode power supply)
- Output voltage: 29V DC
- Max. number of actuators: 2 channels
- Max. current: 3A per channel
- Max. number of hand controls: 1 channel
- Overload protection current: 3A-Nominal (PTC)
- With anti-pull clip
- Duty cycle: 10%, max. 2 min. continuous operation in 20 min.
- IP Protection level: IP42
- Color: Black
- DC power cord: 1000 mm, straight, DIN 41529 plug
- Ambient operation temperature: +5°C ~ +40°C
- Certified: CE Marking, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and 2004/108/EC


- Mounting plate: to fix on flat surface with screws
- Fixed on OM60 actuator with plastic adapter and screw
- Antil-pull clip (Fig. 3), compatible with Moteck H-type DIN plug only

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